About Us

Time to take control of your health and life!

We believe that heath care can no longer be left to a doctor.  It becomes your responsibility to care for yourself and your long term health.  Many things that were used very successfully as treatments for many medical conditions were tossed out when we invented antibiotics.  It does not mean that these things were any less usefull at treating certian medical conditions.  We feel that it is time for use to connect with ourselves and begin to treat ourselves for our own better health.  The use of colloidal silver or colloidal gold has been used for thousand of years until recently.  Many people will bad mouth these as snake oil, but the results will show you that it is true.  We have been using colloidal gold and silver for over six month and have found tons of uses.  We take the utmost care in the production of the colloidal silver & gold to make sure the finished product is pure and ready to use.  We use the purest gold and silver available to make our colloids.  We also use triple distilled water to start off with the purest colloid you can buy.

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